Tank Components
Manways Handholes Sanitary Fittings
Sanitary Fittings Tank Heads Sightglasses and Lights

You make the tanks; we make the components.

At Tank Components Industries (TCI), we supply the components you need to manufacture ASME and non-ASME vessels and tanks: tank heads, tank manways and cylinders, sanitary fittings, tank handholes, access ports, and ferrules. Since we also offer sightglasses and lights, you can conveniently get everything from a single supplier.

Unlike other suppliers of tank components, we don't compete with you by building tanks. As a result, we can work closely with you in the development of your business by partnering together.

We accomplish this three ways: high-quality tank heads and tank components that preserve your reputation, pricing that keeps your bids competitive, and responsive delivery times that help you keep your promises.

Tank Components